Chlamydia testing drop box service

Are you aged between 19-24?

Were you aware that you can have a simple Chlamydia screen by dropping into our service on floor 1 (reception) and asking the receptionist for a Drop box kit?

There are 2 choices, Males can have a urine bottle kit and Females can have a Swab test kit, each of the kits are self taking so you do it all yourself.

The first thing to do is to take your swab/urine kit to the toilets and follow the advice sheets that are laminated in the toilet area, once correctly taken you will then fill in the forms so that we can add you to our Confidential system, then you post your sample in the corridor letterbox  (pictures below) so we can process your screen and get back to you via Text/Email within 10 working days of taking your test!

its that simple…

We recommend Annual screening if you are in a long term relationship or a screen after every new sexual partner (a 2 weeks incubation period is needed before a test is accurate)


if you are under 19 then don’t worry we also offer screening on the very bottom floor called PROJECT 3