Clinic Contact-COVID-19

For STI concerns Tel; 07884 547705

For Contraception Tel; 01302 640040

For HIV concerns Tel;07884 547705

If you are unable to keep your appointment, PLEASE cancel it, so that it may be given to another person who needs it.  Thank you.


If you are experiencing either of the following issues, please let us know when you contact us. If we are closed, then please read below, to find out what to do, until we re-open

Risk of HIV exposure within the last 72 hours

 If you believe that you may have been exposed to the HIV virus, then starting medication called PEP, within 72 hrs of that exposure, can reduce the risk of getting infected with HIV.


If TriHealth service is open:

  • Please let the reception know you think you need PEP, and you will be flagged for urgent assessment.

If TriHealth service is closed:

    • Attend an Accident and Emergency department as soon as possible to be assessed and to be given a starter PEP pack if necessary.
  • Next, contact TriHealth, as soon as we are open, to arrange a more detailed assessment, and to make sure the PEP is continued. (PEP must be taken for 28 days to be effective) 

Severe Genital Pain

 If you are experiencing severe pain, which has started in the last few days, such as:

  • Pain in the genitals, with pain and difficulty passing urine
  • Pain and associated swelling of a testicle
  • Pain in the lower abdomen (women) possibly with abnormal vaginal discharge and abnormal bleeding

Please make an appointment with us in TriHealth as soon as possible. If we are closed, then you may have to attend Accident and Emergency, or an out of hours GP for advice in the meantime.