Worried about an STI?

Had unprotected sex and worried you may have an STI?


G U Medicine East Laith gate   01302 640040

If you have symtoms you will need to call in to one of our drop in sessions or ring up to book an appointment for a later date.



East Laith Gate House Contraception and Sexual Health 01302 640040

On floor 1 we can offer drop box that will test for chlamydia but this is only for age 19-24 years of age.

anyone out of this age group will be advised to attend GUM.



What to do if you are under 18


Project 3 is the sexual health service in Doncaster for for people aged 18 and under.

They can deal with most contraception and sexual health issues you might have, though some people with more complicated problems might need to be seen by TriHealth.

If you’re not sure phone: Project 3 on 01302 640032 or TriHealth on 01302 640040

http://project 3

Don’t delay, phone us today 

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