What happens at our clinics?

If the focus of your visit is contraception the most appropriate clinics to attend are East Laith Gate House, Mexborough Health Centre and Moorends (Hedgerow) Children’s centre.

GuMED are now also located at East Laith Gate.

We are a confidential service

Everything you discuss with us is strictly confidential. Your records are kept within the service and your information wouldn’t normally be shared with any other hospital, department or GP without your knowledge. We won’t give your results to anyone else without your permission.

On the rare occasion that we do need to give information to a third party, we will always aim to tell you. The only reason we would do this is if we felt you or someone else were at risk of serious harm.

Pregnancy testing is only offered alongside contraception consultations, our service doesn’t offer pregnancy testing to confirm a pregnancy nor is any literature offered for a pregnancy test outcome



Clinics are closed every Wednesday

  Contraception clinic is open on a Saturday for appointments only no GuMed is available on this day