Coronavirus vaccine information for people living with HIV

Should I have the vaccine?

Yes, the Department of Health and the British Association for HIV recommends that ALL people with HIV should have Covid-19 vaccination.

Is it safe?

Covid-19 vaccines are considered safe even if you have a weak immune system. They do not appear to cause more side effects if you have HIV. Immunodeficiency may  be listed under the ‘warnings and precautions for use’ for these vaccines, but this is not because there are any safety concerns. It is because not as many people with immunodeficiency were included in the vaccine trials and therefore there is less information for using the vaccine in this group of people. The high risk of serious health issues from Covid-19, far outweighs the very low risk of having the vaccine.

Will it work if I have HIV?

Having Covid-19 vaccination is expected to protect you. It is not yet known if it will protect someone with HIV as well as it would protect someone without HIV, but it is expected to give you some protection and may even work just as well as it does in people without HIV.

Can having this vaccine cause Covid-19?

No, these are not live vaccines and so they can not cause Covid-19

When will I be offered a vaccine?

If your doctor thinks you are ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ you will be invited to have vaccination in Priority Group 4. Otherwise, all other people with HIV will be invited to have vaccination in Priority Group 6 (there are 9 Priority Groups in total).

Please note, if your GP does not know you have HIV you may not be invited to be vaccinated until later on. Please discuss this with your HIV doctor.


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